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What people say...

Kristin is an incredibly valuable resource for those who want to learn public speaking skills. Her tools include breathing techniques, exercise and movement, modulating and projecting the voice and much more. She sees and hears every nuance and provides hands-on training so that her students develop both their skills and their confidence. She was recommended to me by a colleague and I have since recommended her to others as well.

--Lee Cutrone, freelance writer 

As a street performing magician, I have to compete over Brass Bands, wind and conversation all day outside. One session with Kristin paid for itself immediately my first day back at work. When I was twice as loud, I made twice as much money.
 --Mick Stone, magician

With this show, I've been required to do PR in various cities we perform in and I often reflect on the breathing techniques I learned in your classes.  Your efforts and time really helped me in reaching my goals in a world where communicating is a key to success and survival.

--Stanley White, actor & stuntman

Kristin has provided wonderful help to an inept speaker who had a 29 year career as a CPA with little speaking experience. She made me feel comfortable and effective in my speaking engagements.
--John Wade, author, investor & speaker

When I moved to the United States from Belarus, I had a strong Russian accent. Studying with Kristin has helped me reduce my accent and make my speech more connected and clear. I recommend her program not only to foreigners who would like to improve their accent, but also to those who want to gain confidence at speaking more clearly and find their voice pitch.

--Anastasiya Rul, actress & producer

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