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Finding the Organic Pitch and Presence of Your Voice

Let's find your ideal speaking voice!  Whether it's resonance, pitch or ??Some signs that you're not speaking at your ideal pitch are:

  • Your voice gets tired quickly

  • You can't be heard well by others

  • Your voice is gravelly, fuzzy or unclear

  • You get mistaken for a woman on the phone, but you're a man or vice versa

  • You need to clear your throat frequently 

This problem is often misdiagnosed by doctors because it is a muscle coordination, not something physically wrong.  I have had clients who were treated for acid reflux, told there was nothing wrong or sent to speech pathologists who didn't help them. This topic was the subject of my doctoral research at Columbia University and is my specialty.  

If you have a few of these symptoms, this class will give you the tools to change them.

This class is offered periodically.  

Due to the personal nature, it is limited to 6 people.  

Please let me know if you're interested!

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