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We are evaluated and classified by four things: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.
--Dale Carnegie

Why improve my voice?

Work with a professional speaking coach.  Words are only 7%.  People hear HOW you say things, more than the words. The quality and tone of voice make a huge difference in people listening to you or ignoring you. This is a big part of speech improvement.

Who needs to?

We are all judged by the way we talk. Whether you're an executive, a teacher, a scientist or an actor, your voice tells everyone who you are.  Job interviews are especially important.  Speech training can really help.

Nervous speaking in front of people?

You and everyone else! Known to be a situation dreaded by most people.  Let's make it easier.  

More than just speech

Dr. Samuelson brings a holistic approach to speech improvement.  It's not just diction. Our voices are hidden and mysterious.  Your whole body and personality contribute to the way to speak. The goal is to have you understand the physical coordination, so you can take charge of your voice.  Voice therapy might be a good description.


Why wait?

You could be influencing more people now and reaching the success you want!

Dr. Kristin Samuelson

Voice & Speech Coach
for Professionals

Develop your best voice--

Speak for success!

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